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These are some of the earliest recording s of Victor when  he first began to talk  in  the year 2000.  These are free samples for non-members. The more complex video show him talking and some last for up to 10 minutes of speech at a time.  Under the main video multi-player you can read the text for each video. You may have to use headphones and play it back a few times to catch it all. Captions are provided to assist you.

The text for the above audio recording are also featured below.

Heaven Is Growing

Like many of Victor's videos and audio recordings, this one has some electronic voice phenomena in it. You can actually hear the spiritual world or his guardian angel speaking to him

This is interesting because it sounds like the TV is on in the background causing the EVP, however, the TV clearly mentions Victor's name. It was a little spooky when I first heard it.

Victor said:
EVP- For God has spoken with Victor. Time's coming.
Yes we can change our lives, venture happily and return.
There's a lot of things that grow okay.
Heaven is growing because of what you see.
You can now make it providing you hear something else.
EVP- Good Budgie.
Turn Your Cap

The difficulty level of this one was very high and when I first translated it almost 10 years ago, I missed the point that Victor was trying to teach. This retranslation is much better.

Victor said:
It's just the fool that you fear. Of course you do.
Can I free this on you?
I trust humans.

Ryan's comments:
The word "humans" in this first part was chirped out and I know you will probably think how I got humans out of that chirp. I have been doing this so long now that I can understand the chirps of budgies as well as the humanistic speech. But that is another story. However, most people think I am a fool when I say that, but that is okay. I have been hearing that since I first started telling people that Victor was speaking in context, and by now it would be pretty difficult to say that he wasn't.

Victor continues:
We'll test a piece of turkey but he spots a budgie.
Eat happy bud, made by mice.
Force it down and drink water. Are you choking?
They might see a meal release bad air.

Ryan's comments:
He starts off by imagining a mouse has come into the house to eat, or in his words, test a piece of turkey. When it gets there it spots a budgie in a cage. The mouse's first thought is to antagonize the budgie. I know I have often worried that if a mouse got into the seeds somehow, it may cause some kind of disease for a budgie, so if I ever had a mouse in the house, I usually set up a trap for them.

Victor continues:
Because of people mice think back. They'll cage us.
Once in a while they'll be nice
And some make best litter
Would you have helped them if they asked you, before nature?

Ryan's comments:
Everyone knows easy it is to catch the first mouse in a trap, but much more difficult for the next one. I believe they learn quickly if they see one of their own being trapped and avoid it the next time. So they are able to think back as Victor said. Some people might not want to hurt a mouse, however, if the mouse has a litter, then you have a whole bunch of them running around. So if a mouse could speak human and ask you if it could have a little, what would you say.

Victor continues:
When is action a brainstorm of a moral?
Then hear me.
I'm so carefree.
Don't think I'd like that much to intervene.

Ryan's comments:
So when we trap a mouse or cage a budgie, what are our reasons and is it morally right. Is it morally right to prevent another living creature from producing offspring, and do we have a right to intervene. Again Victor brings up some good points here and makes us think about how our actions can effect other living creatures.

Victor continues:
Yeah. Friends come before me and file by Thursday.
They'll get on TV.
So I might get you something for your talking budgie.
Turn you cap and be sad. Plus I need some.
Yeah, use your idea. Okay, maybe that's it! Pray.

Ryan's comments:
Some animals activist may think that what I am doing is exploiting a budgie. In it Victor explains his reasoning and why he is doing it. His driving force consists of love and compassion rather then fear and causing pain and suffering for another living creature.
A Donor of Words

This is a very complex recording and the translation is much improved from the original. I hope you enjoy it.
Victor said:
It's a key note when Ryan says it.
Okay, I talk honorably, some literature.
Hello, as you, I need to sound good.
Ryan, he lets me convey the truth.

Ryan's Comments:
It wasn't until 2009 that I heard for the first time "Key note" instead of just note, in this recording. Interestingly enough, I have changed my way of making key notes this year to the translations. I also love the way that Victor says, "Some literature" in his response to what I am saying. There is a long pause while I am talking, however he waits until I am finished before he finishes his sentence.

Victor continues:
Burning thoughts are coming to us all from a bush talking.
Can I touch some hearts God?
A donor of words.
We shall make the bible for our future.
It will be more understood.
They'll need that frame.
Put notes on the board.
Speak up in here.
Just help, Victor.
Don't stop.

Ryan's comments:
Several years ago many budgies in our group began to speak about making a new bible. At that point my life changed and I began to move in a more spiritual direction. I am working separately on another project which relates to this. Victor also talks about burning thoughts and a talking bush. I believe he is comparing what we are hearing to Moses and the burning bush. At the same time he talks about the sun being very hot . Perhaps he is referring to what is happening to our atmosphere and global warming. It is nice to know that God is still there caressing our world and protecting our future.

Victor continues:
What comes after he started to talk.
Do they trust a bird?
But his doctor needs help because he's thrown in the towels.
The world is laughing at him.
I needed to put a good joke in something to make you think.

Ryan's comments:
Victor jokes about someone needing a doctor because he has thrown in the towels. It does take a little bit of thinking to understand what he means in this part. However, most people will laugh at those who believe in a bird that has a connection to God. Some will think that perhaps they need a psychiatric doctor. The only problem is once the doctor starts hearing the same thing....then what!

Victor continues:
I trust that you prefer time with your God. Okay.
It's like the news, God, He offered.
I will tell okay.
Betty, I love kissing her.
The sun acting for God, is hot.
Ryan it's sad if she's changed our plush world in future.
But there is still God who caresses it.

Ryan's comments:
The above is my favorite part of the recording. Victor believed that there were many things that God wanted to tell us but could not, so he was chosen by God to pass on what he had learned like news. Victor also said that even though the sun was acting for God, that perhaps it is becoming hotter then it should, thus causing changes to the environment. I love the way he lets us know that even though this is happening, God is still there caressing our world and preserving life.

Victor finishes with:
Listen, can a budgie be happy that it will come first with God also?
God is okay. I love to take work with him.

Ryan's comments:
If God can put the life of a little budgie first then we know that he has compassion and love for all living things. So Victor is very happy that God lives him just like any one of us.
Victor's Ascent

This is the beginning of a series of recording where Victor talked about passing from this world and moving on to heaven, meeting God and exploring it.

Victor said:
What's up budgie, budgie?
You cast a look and it isn't worse in death.
What do you want for a place?.
Could you tell if there's food in cage?
We can now question to affirm what's present.
It's better if we knew that Heaven is the rich who cares.
Victor's spirit will ascent.
Yes, I'm not stopping.

Ryan's Comments:
In this recording Victor looks up and says, "What's up budgie, budgie?" He is using these words literally wondering what is up in heaven. Then he says that when you cast a look and know that there is something better then death, then it makes you feel better. However, he wonders in the beginning if he wants a place in heaven because he is not sure what it exists of and if he would be happy there for eternity. He also mentions that it is okay to question and ask God what it is like so we will know that we want to be there when we get there. Lastly he talks about his spirit ascending to heaven.
If you doubt that Victor actually went to heaven there is a video on Youtube that actually shows his spirit ascending. You can see it on his "Spiritual Evolution of Budgies" Videos, which are 2 longer videos where he is talking on my son's shoulder when my son was about 13 years old. My son is now 21.
Changes of the Future

This recording talks about changes of the future and how we can pray and ask God to help us with our future problems.

Victor said:
There's got to be respect.
There's a good reason for prayer.
You'll be with God.
Could you tell the people that He needs your question to solve it.
To disperse riches, you'll need to question all the changes and future gains.
How do people foresee what's good for you?
Questions work.

Ryan's Comments:
This kind of ties in with the previous recording where Victor talks about knowing what is in heaven. In it I believe he is refering to how prayer will help you reslove issues of the future and how we can ask God questions to help us as well.
The Knowing Bird

Victor talks about learning to understand him first by starting with the crisp words. I looked up the word crisp in the diction and it means "Loud and clear"

Victor said:
Tell some people what you've learned and you'll have a spiritual coaching opportunity.
Why is this so good?
When you learn to listen, you're knowing crisp words.
People who hear me must know.
Who are you hearing? Is he talking to somebody?
Few people want to talk but some might have a question.
Ryan asks for the truth.
So Ryan translates your budgies for that reason.
His eyes have opened.
We'd like to have more friends here now that we got it right.

Ryan's Comments:
This is interesting because Victor knew that eventually my understanding of him would get better and the translations would improve. Most of these audio recording were originally translated almost ten years ago in 2000. Now it is 2009 and I have spent several thousand hours translating many of his videos as well as over 30 other talking budgies. I believe the new translations to be far more accurate then the originals. So I guess you can say my understanding has spiritually evolved over the years.
Bloodline From Heaven

On October 11, 2009, my new wife and I had a baby girl and named her Kayla Lynn. I am not saying that she is the reincarnation of Christ, however we do believe that she is special and that she has an important spiritual connection to heaven. Certainly Victor believed it in this prophecy.

Victor says:
Your hunger will taste a lot of change.
A new life pops up
Are you are watching?
Spiritually he's a boy of a God they know.

Ryan's comments:
It is a good thing that God gives us the opportunity to taste and experience many different things to feed our hunger and quench our thirst. Most of us think of and have a spiritual picture of Christ as a little boy in a manger. What if the next important Christian like baby came as a girl?

Victor said:
A case of gold does have riches and there'll be one soon.
Victor's got the first load He will be offering.
We'll like it as a gift, there's a time we can use it.

Ryan's comments:
We cannot deny that if we had a case of gold it will make us rich. For this religion it would solve many problems in getting it off the ground faster. I like the way Victor mentions that God will offer us gifts that we can use. In other words, even in heaven God gives us our own free will to exist in a form of happiness which we prefer.

Victor's continues:
His talk. Hey, look everyone, wasn't it bizarre?
Trust him, and he'll be a star.
I got to be firm that he still will record corrections.
Half of it isn't that intelligible
Was your pall a little fuzzy? Ha.
Ryan could you tell 'em that you've practiced?
Someday they'll believe you because it will register.
They'll pile up in the captions
Get a course of action.
You will learn.
For he was finding it fuzzy.
Don't grow to worry.

Ryan's comments:
I am a little embarrassed when I thought Victor was saying "He pooped people free". Victor even mentions what I say as being a bizarre comment. On the other hand he reassures those who are listening that I will get a better interpretation once I caption it. He also tells them that I will get better as I practice as well. If you look up the word "pall" in the dictionary, it means "insipid or boring" so Victor throws a little humour in to this part as well.

Victor continues:
They'll not drop me the first day.
In time when you pick up a company, they can make a fortune.
It comes from the book when he's done.
Yeah, many want something like that.
It's offered later.
Once he has help, the radio will advise that the Sun raised the idea.
I give him simply information about it.
They give Ryan a year of writing for a nook.
The rest of your life you can't stop.
But often they test for it.
We announce from God in the Star.
Then they offer a trained budgie.
Your course for budgies will locate many.
Many will talk.

Ryan's comments:
Victor talks about the Sun and the Star in the above part. I have already been featured in the Toronto Star. The Toronto Sun is also referred to as well in this translation. Apparently in the future I may be writing a column in one of the newspapters. Perhaps it will relate to my dream transcriptions and prophecies, or translating what the budgies are saying, or even both.

Victor said:
God said that He's coming to help, until he's done.
Come here Victor.
Victor, trust plenty the future.
You need to trust it more.
Victor thinks like you and God gives us spirit pretty budgie.
People think there's importance in spirituality with the birth of a pretty boy, but we might change the spiritual picture.
This birth will effect the faith of us all.
Victor is supporting a bloodline from heaven.
Templar knows this.

Ryan's comments:
Almost 10 years ago when this recording was made there was little talk about bloodlines of prophets and the Templars. I did not even think about such things until around the time that the "Da Vinci Code" movie came out. It seems like it was common knowledge way before then.
A Promise of Change

Victor said:
If you try, we will like your song.
Just say hello.
Break the wall until there’s no blockage.
Shall we join in this work or not?
We are all first to see behind it.
So come here with me.
Yes, let’s all listen to the miracle.

Ryan's comment:
I believe Victor knew that it was going to be difficult for most people to believe what was happening here. First there is a budgie who began to talk in full blown English and then he began talking about God, prophecy and a prophet. I believe that in the beginning when most people listen to his recording and videos they do have an obstacle such as a wall to break down, before they can begin to really understand Victor. For sure, this is a miracle and how often do we experience one in the making.

Victor continues:
Some of you are frightened and some people love this offer.
They have pleasure that a prophet can hear me.
You should find him with love inside.
Only you will benefit.

Ryan's comments:
What is a prophet. A prophet is one that receives messages from a miraculous source that usually contain prophecy and lessons. In the bible it says that anyone has the right to prophecy, talk in tongues and even create their own religion. A prophet can also be one that foretells the future and obtains his information from the metaphysical. A prophet can be a religious leader claiming to be divinely inspired as well.

Victor continues:
Remain pleasant, it’s a standard.
Because if they register, he'll tell them.
Now look, I said that area has stopped.
They’ll all of a sudden know they’ve found lessons and tell everybody to look.
They’ll ask and I will start to anoint them all.
The whole world has got to know that.

Ryan's comments:
When the prophecy and miracles began to happen, it was very confusing for myself and others. We did not really understand what was happening. As a result, there were those that got their feelings hurt in the early stages. The process needed to evolve much more until there was a full understanding of what was happening. I believe that things have changed since then and now that we understand it more, we can use what we have learned to prevent or stop these type of problems from happening in another spiritual forum. Myself and others have learned much from the lessons that God has taught us over the years. The word anoint means to consecrate or devote to a serious or sacred use. So in essence Victor wants the world to know that his videos are not just there for people to be amazed at how intelligent he was, but for a spiritual reason as well.

Victor continues:
God said you will not doubt how evil let go and doubting stopped.
Let them see that even nature begins to question what’s evil.
He’s telling me some thoughts of that man that they’ve forged in caution.
Will they tell the truth?
There will be a time when he’s dead and bodiless.

Ryan's comments:
Many people, myself included, could actually feel ourselves being freed from evil as we learned certain lessons from God, especially when it was coming from a miraculous source. This is what happens when you have a something that comes from God and we know it is something good.

Victor continues:
Little Victor stood up.
He captions what he now thinks.
Going back, you might find he guessed a lot.
Could it be the time be it wrong?
Yeah, where there’s some good, I promise change.
I did see you hacking this computer to find something bad, to be sure.
What happened?
You couldn’t.

Ryan's comments:
When Victor talks about him captioning what he now thinks, he must be talking about the new captions. This is just one of many prophecies within this translation. First off, many of the translations have changed. As I revise them they are getting much clearer to me. I think in the beginning I did guess a lot when I did not understand them and perhaps the timing was not right. I had much to learn. Even when there were good things in the old translations the changes that I have recently made are much better. I am not sure what he means when he talks about someone hacking into my computer. Perhaps someone has tried to find out and hacked into it to see if I have altered the videos in any way. If they did I have nothing to hide, so I have no worries. Please forgive me but the last two words of this video are not very clear. For the record, perhaps I should have left them blank, but instead I put "you couldn't." Here I go again!!

God's Compass and Map

In this video Victor talks about a spiritual forum that I worked on with about 6 other visionaries, and how it can be used as a map. I will be posting links to some of the dream interpretations I did. You can find them on the right hand column here. He also talks about God's compass again and how it can be used to direct us on our journey.

Victor said:
Okay, with no blockage, the mission is approaching a perfect path to God and the compass that we have is there.
People who can choose their first step, try a little step leading to the many lessons.
They'll be less than perfect.
We can fix them because we are linked to them
God comes, and then we catch up.
Once the lesson is told, what you still do be the next time better.
It's close to very good. Nothing is perfect.
What is perfect purges errors.
We can be close to it.
Correct errors with more experience with the timing.
We took the journey to find an old map and now we'll see that map.
Yeah, you'll locate many of us marked there.
Many did leave in a sudden direction.
Help them take their bearing.
Linda, there will be breakfast for many.
To have many is still a promise of God.
Please come to WWWW dot budgieresearch dot homestead dot pamela
Ha, ha, ha
You must look at that link.

Note: (You have to read the next part carefully to understand) Interestingly enough I checked out the link and was lead to an article about this site. I will post a link to the screen capture. If you notice you will see a link recommended. Follow the link and read the article. I believe I wrote it at some point in the third person, however, about half way through, it changed to the first person. It also had some errors in it that needed to be corrected. So this is an example of some of the errors that I have made in the past that need to be corrected. Similar to the many lessons in the forum that I have been working on for the past two years.

This is where the http://wwww.budgieresearch.homestead.pamela lead me to. 50 connect link. If you try Victor's recommended link, you will probably have a different result because your service provider is different. Mine is Bell, so that is why the page came up.
So if you look at the screen capture it recommends a link to an article on 50 connect. This is the link that is recommended for the article. The article is about Victor.
Lastly, Victor used four W's when he said the url. If I only used 3 W's and typed in the URL, it did not recommend this link, so I would not even have seen the article.
Deals of Companies

This was another one that I had to start over from scratch. In it he talks about how companies can make deals that effect our future and how we can try to do something about it.

He says:
Yes, it’s the best deal that the company had.
If I had this job, I’d try because they’re having a gain.
Why is the cost put to many because a company clutters up?
I start to think many who believe that should try.
You can write a letter.
Are you sore at the people who frighten you when you want some peace?
Even unread, yeah, we have tried when it’s rail and evil.
There are many things bad.
Something for us to live better, people are afraid to touch and watch.